Heather is the Birthday Girl!

Today Heather had a birthday and I honestly must say she is as young as ever.  I won’t divulge her age, as she will not really like that.  What I do want to say is that I love her and am so greatful she is in my life.  Happy Birthday Heather, I love you!  So, I bet you are thinking, what did you do for her Tim?  Well, I got her an assortment of gifts – ranging from chocloate, to clothing (a fun t-shirt and a business skirt-suit) to a necklace (handmade in Guatamala) and a dinner out with Sophie and me to Olive Garden (her choice).  Other than that, sort of a normal day – we both had to work…  But, I am just about to suprise her with some Champagne – her favorite!

Oh, yeah!  That photo was from a few weeks back at the Daffodil Parade as it strolled through Puyallup.