Oh Little Kitty! Where are you!

Ok, don’t get excited.  We did not get a kitten and name it “Little Kitty”…

Our neighbors from down the street did and we were able to “kitten sit” a few days ago.  Little Kitty is probably the smallest kitten I have ever seen.  He almost fits in the palm of your hand and he is just too darn cute.  I think Heather, despite being allergic to cute little furry, purring kittens, almost fell in love.  I mean she spoke more ‘baby talk’ to Littly Kitty in one day than she ever did with Sophie.

Little Kitty in a blanket

Now, Heather was not alone in sharing some love for Little Kitty.  Sophie got in on the action and was just awesome with the little guy. 

Little Kitty sitting on a blankeet

Little Kitty going for the toes

Little Kitty Blending In

Dinner Time, Little Kitty

I think by the end of the day everyone was tired. 

Tired Little Kitty

Tech Specs…
I shot this series of photos with ambient light on my D7000 and pushed the ISO up between 3200 and 5000 in Aperture Priority with a Nikon 50mm 1.8.  Shooting handheld at speeds between 1/30 and 1/80.  I positioned myself low and used the ground to stabilize my camera as much as I could.

About timpierson

I'm a physical therapist, IT director, father and photograher all rolled up into a outdoorsy pacific northwesty guy.

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    • I know, but when he gets bigger I am not sure his name will fit: “Little Kitty!” What if he ends up being that fat, lazy cat that just sits by the window… Oh well, not my cat.

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