Pancakes, Santa and Zach

Last weekend, Santa took a few hours to have some pancakes with at Zach Entwistle’s office in Tacoma!  Now, I know Zach Entwistle  is a stand up guy, but to get Santa to take time out of his busy schedule and stop in for some hotcakes and reindeer food is something special.  It was a full house as dozens of people came in to visit and celebrate the season!  Thank you Zach!  It was a wonderful event.Pancakes for Breakfast!

Zach and Wendy

Family Photo

Family Photo

Photo with Santa

 A little shout out to Zach for putting on this event!  Dozens of families came to Zach’s office in Tacoma last weekend to celebrate the season!  Santa parked his reindeer out back and the children got bags of reindeer food to take home for when Santa visits their houses in a few weeks.    Zach is a great friend and an outstanding Real Estate Agent.  If you ever need any real estate advice, I highly recommend giving Zach a call!  Visit Zach’s website or find him on Facebook!

Zach and Santa


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