Beaches & Barnacles with the Wicks


The Wicks Girls at Chamber Bay

The Wicks Girls at Chamber Bay

The weather sure has been strange lately.  I mean it is the middle of July and it’s raining!  Now, I know it is the Pacific Northwest, but come on – enough is enough.

Last week the Wicks family braved the weather and tromped down to Chambers Bay Golf Course for some family photos.  After weeks of rescheduling (due to weather – go figure) we decided to take a chance.  As luck would have it, the rain stopped for the short time we were on location – just enough time to have fun on the barnacle filled, rocky beach at low tide.
Now, all was going well until an angry barnacle unleashed its wrath and decided it wanted blood – literally!  But despite the blood, Ali pushed on like a trooper and continued smiling.  We wrapped up the photo shoot and as we got back to the car, the rain started once again…
The Wick’s family is so much fun! A little rain won’t stop them!  I actually think the light is great and the sky adds depth to the photos.  Add in the earthy colors of the rocks and great images are formed.   Thanks again Kyle and Jolene!  We have to do it again!

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I'm a physical therapist, IT director, father and photograher all rolled up into a outdoorsy pacific northwesty guy.

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