Rebecca + James | Olympia Wedding

Rebecca and James – I don’t know where to start.  These two are made for each other!  What a wonderful couple and I feel so extremely honored to be a part of their wedding!  Rebecca and James  were married on July 23, 2012 at the United Churches of Olympia, WA with a reception at the Worthington Center on the St. Martin’s University Campus in Lacey.  Thet day was filled with love and such a wonderful, positive energy.  Did I mention that the best man san acapella to the bride and groom with a original song he had wrote!  Woah!  Nice touch! 

Congratulations James and Rebecca!  I wish you the best for many, many years to come!

the girls

the uys


candy bar

a kiss

the couple

no peeking

down the asile

flower girl and ring bearer


a toast

first dance as a married couple

first dance

father-daughter dance


cutting loose

a toast to you

the bride


Oh Little Kitty! Where are you!

Ok, don’t get excited.  We did not get a kitten and name it “Little Kitty”…

Our neighbors from down the street did and we were able to “kitten sit” a few days ago.  Little Kitty is probably the smallest kitten I have ever seen.  He almost fits in the palm of your hand and he is just too darn cute.  I think Heather, despite being allergic to cute little furry, purring kittens, almost fell in love.  I mean she spoke more ‘baby talk’ to Littly Kitty in one day than she ever did with Sophie.

Little Kitty in a blanket

Now, Heather was not alone in sharing some love for Little Kitty.  Sophie got in on the action and was just awesome with the little guy. 

Little Kitty sitting on a blankeet

Little Kitty going for the toes

Little Kitty Blending In

Dinner Time, Little Kitty

I think by the end of the day everyone was tired. 

Tired Little Kitty

Tech Specs…
I shot this series of photos with ambient light on my D7000 and pushed the ISO up between 3200 and 5000 in Aperture Priority with a Nikon 50mm 1.8.  Shooting handheld at speeds between 1/30 and 1/80.  I positioned myself low and used the ground to stabilize my camera as much as I could.

Bessie the Cow at Mascot Night – Seattle Thunderbirds

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take photos of Bessie the Cow and many other mascots at Mascot/Girl Scouts of Western Washington night at a Seattle Thunderbirds hockey game at the Showare Center in Kent, WA.  It all started when I received a phone call from Bessie asking if I could take some pics of her while she was interacting with the fans.  How could I say no to a cow!  It is not everyday that you get a call like that.  So off I went…

Bessie and the Girl Scouts

Bessie and the Girl Scouts

Bessie and Rhubarb

Bessie and Rhubarb

Bessie strutting her stuff

Take a look at more photos from this event and let me know who your favorite mascot is. And, don’t forget to check out the Puyallup Spring Fair, April 19-22, 2012.

Pancakes, Santa and Zach

Last weekend, Santa took a few hours to have some pancakes with at Zach Entwistle’s office in Tacoma!  Now, I know Zach Entwistle  is a stand up guy, but to get Santa to take time out of his busy schedule and stop in for some hotcakes and reindeer food is something special.  It was a full house as dozens of people came in to visit and celebrate the season!  Thank you Zach!  It was a wonderful event.Pancakes for Breakfast!

Zach and Wendy

Family Photo

Family Photo

Photo with Santa

 A little shout out to Zach for putting on this event!  Dozens of families came to Zach’s office in Tacoma last weekend to celebrate the season!  Santa parked his reindeer out back and the children got bags of reindeer food to take home for when Santa visits their houses in a few weeks.    Zach is a great friend and an outstanding Real Estate Agent.  If you ever need any real estate advice, I highly recommend giving Zach a call!  Visit Zach’s website or find him on Facebook!

Zach and Santa


Bike-A-Thon for Cystic Fibrosis

Apple Physical Therapy’s Puyallup South Hill Clinic sponsored a 24-hour bike-a-thon today to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.  It was the middle of the night and the riders were still going strong, but since there was an extra bike, I thought I would join the team and keep them company!  Great work Apple! 

If you are quick, you can still watch a live video feed of the riders in action!  Check out for the link.

Holiday Photos 2011

Join me for a fun photo shoot! 

Bring your pets, children and friends and family and make some memories.  This year you can get your Holiday Cards mailed on time!  The $50 sitting fee will cover a 30 minutes of photography on location (outside) in Puyallup, weather permitting.  Or, I can schedule to visit you at your home.  All images will be uploaded to a secure online gallery.  From there, select the image(s) and click the “Create a Card” button.  Choose from over 100 4×8 or folded 5×7 cards (complete with envelopes).  Design the cards, add your Holiday Message and purchase from the convenience of your home.  Then, wait patiently for the cards to arrive – ready to be stamped and mailed to your family and friends.

Choose from two sessions:  Saturday, November 19 or Saturday, November 26.

As always, all of the images in your gallery can be printed directly from the web on high-quality photo paper from my professional lab.  Or, you can download the images to your local computer.

Give me a call and reserve your spot today! 

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Fall Colors and Fake Mustashes!


I would put your hands in the air if I were you!

It was a warm, fall day and I met Melissa and Connor at the Sunrise Medical Campus in Puyallup for some family photos.  The photoshoot was so much fun!  And it even got better when out of a bag came the mustaches!  Nice touch!

Hands UP
Melissa and Connor

Miss Washington 2011 – Homecoming Celebration

Brittney Henry speaking with guests
Brittney Henry – Miss Washington 2011 speaking with guests at her Homecoming

August 9th was a special day for Puyallup!  Over 300 people welcomed Brittney Henry, Miss Washington 2011 as they enjoyed a night of performances and appearances from past Miss Washington winners and local dignataries. 

Miss Washington 2011 receiving a gift from Apple Physical Therapy

Miss Washington 2011 receiving a gift from Apple Physical Therapy CEO, Randy Johnson

The evening was filled with singing, dancing and performances dedicated to Brittney and expressions of support as Brittney prepares to compete in the Miss America pagent in a few months.  To learn more about Brittney’s story and the work she is doing as Miss Washington 2011, visit

Singing Performance

Singing Performance

For more photos of the evening, please visit
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Beaches & Barnacles with the Wicks


The Wicks Girls at Chamber Bay

The Wicks Girls at Chamber Bay

The weather sure has been strange lately.  I mean it is the middle of July and it’s raining!  Now, I know it is the Pacific Northwest, but come on – enough is enough.

Last week the Wicks family braved the weather and tromped down to Chambers Bay Golf Course for some family photos.  After weeks of rescheduling (due to weather – go figure) we decided to take a chance.  As luck would have it, the rain stopped for the short time we were on location – just enough time to have fun on the barnacle filled, rocky beach at low tide.
Now, all was going well until an angry barnacle unleashed its wrath and decided it wanted blood – literally!  But despite the blood, Ali pushed on like a trooper and continued smiling.  We wrapped up the photo shoot and as we got back to the car, the rain started once again…
The Wick’s family is so much fun! A little rain won’t stop them!  I actually think the light is great and the sky adds depth to the photos.  Add in the earthy colors of the rocks and great images are formed.   Thanks again Kyle and Jolene!  We have to do it again!

Congratulations Miss Washington 2011

Miss Eastside 2011

Brittney Henry posing in a sleek black evening gown

My friend, Brittney Henry (as seen here as Miss Eastside 2011) was recently crowned Miss Washington 2011!  Wholly Smokes! 

Brittney is just outstanding.  Smart, beautiful, talented  – and an all around good  gal. When she approached me to take some photos after being crowned Miss Eastside earlier this year, I was delighted.  Talk about a fun photo shoot.  Brittney tolerated a cooler than normal spring day at the Linden Golf Course in Puyallup.  She is a natural.  Although she would tell you that she needed help “getting in to the poses” for the photos, in reality she commanded the scene.  It was so much fun (and the course Marshall and some members enjoyed looking on as well).

Congratulations Brittney!  I can’t wait to watch you in the Miss America pagent.

If you are interested, follow Brittney on her blog.